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About us

Terzo Decor Inc.


We are a Registered Incorporated Company. Offering a full wedding/event services such as; Decorating/designing, Planning, Floral coordinating,
Photography, Videography and Rentals of Clear tents, chairs, dance floors and much more!

We beleive that Wedding design is not as simple as choosing colours or pick the right centerpiece. Of course, those are still part of our job, but there is much more! We do offer more than a copy and paste of each wedding!. We are offering a professional services and we design all syles of weddings including high-end luxury event design.

Our Story


Rody is the Founder of Terzo Design Inc. Her passion & talent is very present in all of her designs. She has the ability to take her clients visions and transform them into reality. She visualize the space and provide her clients with clear suggestions and plans to best transform any venue/place into their dream wedding.

She started doing wedding decorating & planning since she was 17. She took a serious step forward to achieve her dream when she joined “Fine Arts University” Interior Design department. Five years of academic study/she learned professionally all aspects & styles of designs.

Having her Bachelor Degree in Interior Design helped her a lot to offer her customer a professional service and to offer wedding designs above and beyond expectations. Soon she graduated from the University she had offered the opportunity to work as a professional “Wedding designer, planner & floral coordinator” at one of the popular hotels around the world!. Working in more than one country and dealing with various customers with different design visions

1/3 Charity


Terzo Decor is gifting 1/3 of all wedding services profit to charity. By choosing to work with Terzo Design Inc. you don't only get an exceptional service and distinct designs with a very affordable prices!, but you also indirectly help others that are in real need.